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About Us

Advance Gymnastics is an independent gymnastics club in Croydon. We focus on offering fun, inclusive, progressive and well organised gymnastics sessions.

We offer preschool and recreational classes on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Gymnastics provides a basis for any sport. The body is conditioned in a way where it understands spacial awareness, coordination, balance and strength to a new level & you find new and different ways to hold your own bodyweight.

At Advance Gymnastics we utilise this to help plan our sessions and encourage maximum participation in gymnastics and all other sports.

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How to become a member

Step 1:

Book a trial using the 'Book Now' button and we will send an email with all necessary information. Trials are £5, payable by BACS before the session.

Step 2:

After attending the trial, your child's place will be reserved until midnight of the following day.

Membership and Fees

British Gymnastics Membership must be obtained after the trial session, this is to be renewed every September.

Fees are to be set up and paid by direct debit monthly.

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